Following Nature’s Tug

Wednesday was the first official day of summer, and with temperatures pushing 108 degrees in Arizona, most of us in the desert were seeking shelter indoors under the cool breeze of the central air conditioner. While browsing Twitter at random points throughout the day, it was apparent that much of the country was also feeling the heat. I sat down to write this blog, but this was one of those weeks when I struggled just trying to get the words …


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2 comments on “Following Nature’s Tug

  1. Tim May on said:

    My favorite spot is less than a mile from the house. One can sit, listen to some Mozart on the iPod, watch the sun rise over the lake, and have the day get started on the right foot; all without the immediate hectic pace of the day influencing our creative and constructive processes…hopefully.

    I am convinced that the passionate landscape architects in today’s (and yesterday’s) world have a similar experience to yours. Their desire to steward the land and impact the lives of humans started at an early age. Mine began with camping, backpacking, scouting, and groundskeeping…and the passion continues today in some degree and fashion, even 30 years after achieving a graduating college. Believe you me, on a day-to-day basis having those morning sunrise rituals can certainly help keep the cynical, frustrating, tainted business experiences, learnings and dealings at bay when truly practicing this profession.

    Lastly Boyd, I am in complete agreement with your assessment of the moon cycle having an impact on humans. People’s actions are different when the moon is full (as it is when it is “new”), and that includes their crazy commuting habits during morning rush hour.

    Enjoyable article – thanks.

    • Boyd on said:

      Thanks Tim,

      I think you’re spot on about landscape architects and their desire to be good stewards of the land starting at an early age. We were having that discussion after our chapter ASLA meeting last week. Almost everyone in the room knew at an early age that they wanted to make a difference in some form or another and found landscape architecture along the way.

      P.S. Watch out for those commuters next week when the moon is full!

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