Close Enough For Planting

Give me a circle template, lead pointer, Ames Lettering Guide, and a wet whistle to lick the tip of an eraser, and I will show you plan graphics with a more intimate feel. At the very least, once I get to hand drafting, the backache will return and the fingers will remain sore…in a much different way than the CAD guys are pained!

Did I mention of the glorious smell of markers that filled the work studio this weekend?

Y’all enjoy your weekend. Install a few new plants in the yard…maybe plant one or two additional petunias in that patio pot, even though the book says not to. I am certain it will be within acceptable tolerances.

Tim May is a professional landscape architect and LEED AP for TNP in Forth Worth, Texas. He can be reached via email at or by twitter at @TMay82

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