Boundless Playgrounds

But, of course, the stars of the show are the varied and unique play areas scattered throughout this wonderful playground.

Things To Gather

The pathway leading to this area offers accessibility to the very center of the activity space and allows children who might not get to touch much of nature to do just that–touch, feel and smell soil, rocks, sticks, plants and trees.

Swings Area

The swings area includes swings with high-backs for good support, armrests, straps for security and unitary rubber surfacing underneath so kids can soar! There are even hammock swings for those who cannot sit upright.

Tunnel And Touch

Unique and fun, the Tunnel and Touch area lends itself to exploring how it feels to lie down and sense the tunnel all around your body. You can touch it and experience what it feels like to be totally supported and to be able to wiggle around without worry of falling.

Gathering Spaces

These cozy spots are located at ground level or under a play structure surfaced with unitary rubber. These areas allow children to sit together and talk or use their imaginations to plan what they are going to do next–maybe turn all the equipment into jungles for exploration, spaceships or airplanes they can pilot.

Climbing And Sliding Loops

This area stirs children to action with the use of gentle-grade ramps leading to climbing and sliding equipment and also to transfer points at the tops of each slide for wheelchair-to-play access. This gives children of all abilities the opportunity to experience the play structure on his/her own and, in the process, gain strength, independence and confidence. For wheelchair users, this can be a real challenge, but one they can accomplish, “if there were only something to hang onto!”

Alternate Routes

To make playing tag possible for children who use wheelchairs, alternate routes were created with unusual-looking equipment that brings to mind an obstacle course. With its challenges, it offers opportunities for figuring out strategies for playing tag and also provides the safety of the unitary rubber surfacing, transfers, and gentle-grade ramps, if not at ground level.

Child-Sized Places

These places are small playhouse areas that are just the right size for children. It helps them with their spatial development and gives them a sense of the world at their own size instead of always having to acquiesce to the adult-sized world.

Open Lawn Free Play

As the name implies, this space is an area which is open to tumbling, cartwheels, rolling in the grass, tossing a ball, being barefooted, feeling the earth under feet—FREEDOM! It is a sensory delight of textures and smells, sights and sounds, giving a child or adult the feeling of being grounded and a sense of being connected with nature.


This is a special area stocked with colorful, elevated sand tables, water tables and activity panels for use by kids looking to explore with their hands and imaginations.

In the end, Columbus Park’s Boundless playground ensures that every child can reach the highest play deck so no one is left out of the fun of exploring and playing together. Everyone can play at his/her own highest level of ability.

Sheryl Billman is a freelance writer and soon-to-be regular contributor to Parks & Rec Business magazine. You can reach her via e-mail at


Tag, You’re It!

If you would like to explore bringing a Boundless playground to your community, visit for a full listing of Boundless Playground locations, a virtual tour of a typical Boundless playground and step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

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