An Integrated Site Plan

The landscape requires minimal maintenance and irrigation, and the design consists of native and adapted species, well-suited to the local climate and soils. The vast majority of the site will be mown only once or twice a year, and receives no supplemental irrigation other than limited manicured areas adjacent to buildings. These areas will be irrigated from the detention lakes with no potable-water utilization anticipated.

Site furnishings and finishes are concrete, galvanized steel, and natural stone in order to eliminate as much maintenance as possible, minimize the environmental impact, and complement the surrounding landscape to enhance the brand and identity that is uniquely Central Park.

Fred Walters has over 15 years experience with public- and private-sector projects. His studio has designed many swim centers, lounge pools, competition lap pools, waterfalls, and children’s spray parks. Fred’s analytical and creative thinking skills are evenly matched, allowing him to readily combine creative design with appropriate technical solutions. For more information, visit

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