An Accessible, Sustainable Playground

Other equipment includes Kompan’s custom ADA transfer station; Ocean/Jungle, Story Makers, Sierra and two custom, Galaxy-type climbing structures; Ocean spring seesaws; Cat slide; Coupe Deluxe car; Mermaid’s Fountain water play feature; Starfish and rotating tables; Shark spring toys; Spica and Junior Spica spinners; spinner bowl; Supernova ring spinner; Rock-it rocker; Billy Goat play patch; Argo balancing tube, and Little Elephant and Little Hen rockers.

The playground features several Goric brand equipment pieces, including the Integration carousel, which accommodates riders in wheelchairs.  Goric also provided Euroflex surface Mushroom features and Dance chimes.

In addition, the park includes a tire swing and two multi-bay metal swings with Zero-G disability adapted harness chair seats, belts seats, and enclosed tot seats by GameTime.

The newly opened playground has proven very popular with parents and children.  LATCP Foundation continues its involvement and frequently organizes all-inclusive activities and events at the playground.


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