Adding Park Amenities

Now that most of the KPG projects are complete, Mize says that he sees a “tremendous increase in usage, which was the goal of providing this type of recreation opportunity to the community.”

In addition to soccer, running, disc golf, biking, skiing, and the biathlon, people visit the park for archery, orienteering, picnics, weddings, history lessons, wildlife viewing, sledding, and snowshoeing.

In a far-off corner, there’s a motocross course, and efforts are in the works to develop single tracks for mountain biking.

Despite the changes and the increasing number of park users, Kincaid is as beautiful and natural as ever, offering even more opportunities to get outside and enjoy Alaska.

As Morgenthaler says, it was “an absolute win for everyone.”

And Adams? You’ll find him on the trails.

Gretchen Wieman Fauske lives, works, and plays in Anchorage, Alaska. She grew up skiing and running in Kincaid Park, and playing soccer on subpar fields throughout Anchorage. She was married at the Kincaid Park Chalet.

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