A Playground For All

In addition to the accessible artificial turf surfacing, the park features playground equipment and areas designed to encourage children of all abilities to play together. There are three play areas, with a splash play zone in the middle, and each is designed with different ages and abilities in mind.

The park, which was certified by Boundless Playgrounds, a non-profit developer of inclusive playgrounds, offers several different ways to play on wheelchairs.

Some examples of this are a large rocking ship with places to sit and places for wheelchairs to park, and also an area with separate paths for kids in wheelchairs to race those on foot.

According to Sarah Nichter of Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation, her department couldn’t be more pleased with the ForeverLawn surface.

“The Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department is in the business of creating and maintaining playgrounds. We have some fabulous facilities, but the ForeverLawn set our Boundless Playground apart from all the others. Not only is it beautiful, setting off our brightly colored equipment, but it also gives children and adults with disabilities the chance to play with their peers. I believe this type of surfacing will become a standard for many playgrounds in the future,” Nichter said.

Adrianne Lyon, director of children’s services at Turnstone Center for Children and Adults With Disabilities, said allowing all kids to play together will provide a sense of inclusiveness for children with disabilities, and will get other children used to interacting with them.

“It sort of levels the playing ground for everybody,” Lyon said. “We all get to play together.”

Now that Taylor is 15, some have suggested that she may be too old to play on the playground that she dreamed up. Taylor responded, “It’s never too late to be on a playground for the first time. I’ll still be playing here at 90 years old.”

For more information about Playground Grass, go to www.foreverlawn.com.

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