A “Love-Able” Home

A 10-foot-tall chain-link fence was installed around the perimeter of the six-court complex to provide security, as well as to prevent tennis balls from flying over a shorter fence. Stadium lighting was installed throughout the complex and set to an automated timer that functions in evening sunsets and low-light conditions. The system can be adjusted by authorized facility users when lighting conditions change.

The keycard system at each court entrance is linked to the adjacent recreation center. Keycard access, similar to that of a library-card system, opens and closes magnetized gates when the card is swiped. The system keeps a record of who is using the courts and when facility traffic is the heaviest. Data collected from the keycards are used in department evaluations for national accreditation purposes and when seeking additional funding. The system also allows access to the complex from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, a significant increase in time available. Tennis players, who plan to use the new courts, fill out a minimal amount of paperwork prior to receiving an activated keycard. For city residents, there is no charge for a card. Non-residents pay a one-time fee of $5. There is also a $5 charge for replacement cards. Registration is effective for the life of the card.

Additional Opportunities

The Salisbury Parks and Recreation and Kiwanis Junior Open, a United States Tennis Association (USTA)-sanctioned tournament, is held at the complex each June. It includes junior singles and doubles tennis for boys and girls. The tournament saw an increase in participant registration during its first year at the new complex, and numbers are expected to increase steadily in subsequent years. Partnership with the local Kiwanis and a growing relationship with the Rotary Club have led to increased tennis opportunities for youth, including low-cost tennis lessons, competitive training courses, tennis clinics and skills camps.

Staff members are hopeful that these strong partnerships, which also receive overwhelming support from club volunteers, will help the department attract additional USTA tournaments. Increased spacing between court sidelines and court fences now provide 12-foot outside dimensions, preferred for USTA-sanctioned events. This, along with other state-of-the-art features, provides the needed ammunition for recruiting tennis tournaments.

The City Park Tennis Complex, well over 50 years in the making, has added new life to Salisbury’s oldest park site, and is an exceptional addition to outdoor recreation in the community.

Elaney Hasselmann is the Marketing and Community Relations Manager for Salisbury Parks and Recreation. A Michigan native, she relocated to Salisbury with her husband in 2007 and is an active member of many community organizations, and strongly supports environmental sustainability efforts nationwide. She can be reached at ehass@salisburync.gov.

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