What Are Your Campers Worth?

As camp professionals, we all know the value of camp for campers. But what are your campers really worth to you–monetarily?

Plug your camp's numbers into the Summer Camp Retention Tool.

It’s tough to put a finger on just what each of your campers means to your bottom line, both short and long term.

That’s why James Davis of the Vanderkamp Christian Retreat and Summer Camp in Cleveland, N.Y., is sharing Vanderkamp’s free Summer Camp Retention Tool.

The customizable calculator projects how various changes in costs and gains impact a camp’s budget.

James talks more about how he came up with the idea for the Summer Camp Retention Tool in a guest blog for CampLeadership.org: http://bit.ly/zlLrod .

To give the tool a try, go to http://www.vk.org/wpsite/retention/.

And to put into perspective and make the results useful to your marketing campaign, visit http://www.vk.org/wpsite/marketing/ for advice from the folks at Vanderkamp.

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