What’s All This Noise?

The younger campers tend to respond with enthusiasm because they are looking to the older campers as role models. The older campers begin to take on a sense of responsibility and value the time spent playing music with the younger campers.

With the bonds that form, campers especially enjoy “jamming” together.

Below are a few programming activities to get your music program started:

Glee Club

An informal chorus moderated by a staff member.

This one is a no-brainer, given the popularity of the TV series by the same name.

Camp Rock Bands

Experienced campers learn cover songs together. They practice to put on a performance for the entire camp.

Utilize staff musicians to supplement the bands.

Songwriting Elective

Bring out the acoustic guitars, hire a singer-songwriter counselor, and watch the campers flock to learn from a cool college student.

Organize informal performances for campers at an evening activity campfire to showcase what they have been working on.

Hand Drumming And Drum Circle

Drumming is the easiest way for a group to make music together. Invest in hand drums, and have an area designated for a drumming activity, led by a staff person.

This is also a great team-building activity for the staff. In addition, drumming adds high energy to all-camp spirit events.

Recording And Music Production

If you have a computer room for campers, this is probably taking place already. There are many easy-to-use music-recording programs, and campers will need minimal guidance in using them.

What is important, however, is to provide a platform for them to be inspired and to showcase their creativity.

Adam Issadore is an educator, professional musician and a summer-camp guy. He is the founder of Path To Rhythm Group Drumming Programs, a company that combines his passion for drumming with his love of summer camp. Contact him via email at adam@pathtorhythm.com, or visit www.pathtorhythm.com.

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