Website Fundamentals

There you have it. If you do these two things well, you should be able to capture the lion’s share of website users interested in your domain and information space.

If you mess these two up, it isn’t likely that you will have many repeat visitors. Pay attention to these aspects and you will garner some loyalty from those who visit your site. Don’t forget, it is ultimately your content that must be useful.

Keep it thorough and fresh, changing as often as possible, and you will keep folks coming back for more. Provide lots of links to other useful sites and you will eventually be used as a portal of sorts. Your website itself will have value.

Happy Webbing,

The Webmaster

Vince Jordan has been employed in the data-processing industry for 27 years, the last ten of which have revolved around the Internet. His last company developed software specifically for use on the Internet. He is a semi-retired CEO who enjoys writing articles for his friends.

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