Water Color Wars

Divide teams into two equal groups. Have them line up in a zig-zag pattern with a minimum six feet between them with the full bucket of water at the head of the line and the empty bucket at the end. The first person is to dip his cup into the bucket, then toss the water to the first person in the opposite line. When that person has “caught” the water, he will toss it back to the next person on the first side. This continues down the line. The last person will dump whatever water he has received into the bucket and the game continues. Winner is the team with the most water in their end buckets when time is called.

Squirt Bottle Barber

Equipment: (per team)

5-gallon bucket filled with colored water

1 can shaving cream

Enough 8 oz. squirt bottles for half of the team


Split each team into two equal groups. Group A are the barbers. They will each fill their own squirt bottle with colored water. Group B are the customers. They will each get a shaving cream “beard” and be paired with a barber. Line up barbers and customers standing, facing each other with about 6-8 feet between them (or distance of your choice). When the game starts, the barbers will use their squirt bottles to remove the beard of their customer. If the beard is completely removed, both the barber and customer sit down. If the barber runs out of water, he may refill it from the bucket. The winning team is the one that removes the most beards in the shortest period of time.

Water Salad Relay


5-gallon bucket filled with colored water

1 large salad bowl (of the same size) for each team

1-4 oz. cup for each team member


Team members line up single file behind the bucket with cups.

One member from each team takes a salad bowl and lies on the ground 8-10 feet from the team line. All members with salad bowls need to line up equidistant from their team lines. A finish line should be 15-20 feet from the row of salad bowl members.

On the start, team members will fill their cups with water, run to pour it into the salad bowl and return for refills. The object of the game is two-fold: to fill your team’s salad bowl with water, and to have your team’s salad maker jump up with their full bowl of water and be the first to cross the finish line. Additionally, points can be rewarded for the bowl with the most water that crosses the line.

Beth Morrow is an educator, author and co-program director of Camp Hamwi, a residential camp for teenagers with diabetes. She can be reached at Beth@bethmorrow.com

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