Turf Time

Randy Burkhardt, a landscape architect employed by Douglas County (Colo.) as the parks and trails planner says, “In the Denver area synthetic turf costs about three times more to install than irrigated blue grass turf, but we feel that we will be able to amortize the additional costs in six to eight years through the following factors: By using synthetic turf there is a significant reduction in the amount of maintenance hours per field, materials needed (like paint) to line fields, there’s no fertilizer, no irrigation supplies, no weed control, no aeration, no water costs and no mowing. In doing the calculations on amortization we used present water rates and present usage rates, but we expect water rates to rise significantly in the next ten years. We use our irrigated turf fields about seven months per year, and are using our synthetic turf year-round, which will account for an additional five months of revenue.”

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