Tragedy & Healing

Behavioral health services were also made available to those camp staff and campers who attended the funeral services, which were held in Boston.

Tragic events such as the one at Camp Hale can happen anywhere. For many campers this may have been their first encounter with death and grieving. For others it was a reminder of the world of loss and trauma with which they were all too familiar.

One thing was clear, however. A small community such as a school or a camp can during times of trouble come together to support each other in the healing process.

One of the team members who responded and provided behavioral health services had this to say, “In today’s world of conflict, violence and racial division, Camp Hale is a model for all of us. We can work together, respect each other, and help our children make these values a part of their lives. Camp Hale is a very special place.”

Camp Hale encountered a risk that could not be mitigated, and this incident demonstrates that a camp can be impacted by an emergency of any type at any time. However, the camp had trained its counselors well and was able to work through it as much as can be possible during such a tragedy.

It’s important that all camps have a well thought out, coordinated and practiced emergency response plan. An important part of the plan is knowing what resources are available from the local and state governments and the private sector to support a camp’s response and recovery efforts.

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