Time Redesign

Either way, that’s Priority Perjury. Those long-overdue, undone projects are not really priorities.

Cut your losses and take those items off of your list today. Sometime in the future, if it becomes important enough for you to deliberately carve out the time and map out the steps to complete one of these items, or if you someday acquire the skill or collateral support to complete it, then you can put it back on your list and truthfully call it a priority.

Obstacle #4: Time Blindness

Adults sometimes behave like children, who have an underdeveloped sense of time. This is manifested in at least four ways:

(a) Gross underestimation of how long a project will take

(b) Gross overestimation of how many tasks you can achieve in a given block of time

(c) Not tracking how much time has passed (neglect of the clock)

(d) Failure to arrive on time for appointments or end your own appointments on time.

Good time management requires accurate estimation (which comes with practice) and conscious attention to the passage of time (which takes a deliberate commitment, the setting of alarms, keeping a detailed calendar, and revising your estimates as needed).

Obstacle #5: Skill Thrill

Talented people over-commit because showcasing what they can do is rewarding. Avoid the temptation to over-commit simply because you know you can do something well. Just because you could do something — perhaps better than most people — doesn’t mean that you should do it.

Triple Deuces

These are the five most common obstacles to healthy time management. Begin refining your own time management strategies by taking an honest look at those that apply most directly to you.

Focus on the solutions that you believe are realistic in the near term. Then apply the “triple deuces” technique: Commit to two small changes you’ll make in the next two days and tell two friends.

It may be the one thing you do this weekend that will make all subsequent weekdays efficient and fulfilling.

Dr. Christopher Thurber is the school psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy and the co-founder of ExpertOnlineTraining.com. Learn more by visiting CampSpirit.com.

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