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We should never be surprised that (1) money cannot buy happiness or fulfillment. It buys things. And, (2) the funny man is always the one crying inside and uses humor to hide that pain. Think of the two masks of the theater. Anyone married so many times is searching aimlessly for inner peace but looking for it outwardly. In humor there is always pain to be found underlying it. I admired Carson for his wit, but always sensed that he was not a happy man. So many other great comedians too had similar issues. Imagine if those comics found happiness, how many would have been able to make us laugh at or with them? That’s the tragic nature of comedy.

– Joseph Panza

Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

President and CEO, HumanAction Associates

I don’t believe everything I read or everything I see on TV. I remain a Johnny Carson fan even after his passing. His private life is not my business and I do not allow a posthumous report to taint my respect and awe for his talent, his accomplishments, and any part of his public life as a professional entertainer. Mr. Carson lived a life just as real as you or your dad’s friend at Ford. It was a very different life, but real and not deserving of your pity, any more than your life would be by Mr. Carson.

– Keisuke Hoashi

Director of Communications

New York Summer Music Festival



November 2012

7-8 ACA Keystone Regional Conference, Hershey, Pa.—Hershey Lodge;

7-9 ACA Heart of the South Fall Conference, Burns, Tenn.—Montgomery Bell State Park;

14-16 ACA Rocky Mountain 2012 Fall Conference, Florissant, Colo.—The Nature Place;


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