There’s All Kind Of Hurt

“I never knew,” he says. “I never knew what rock bottom really feels like. How can I NOT say, ‘Why me?’ ”

These are the stories that are being lived out among us, friends. And I know there are people who have it a lot worse than my friend – he knows that too.

But the demise of this country has a lot of demons behind it. They include a myriad of characters. There are the ones we blame in the news all the time — greedy bankers, investors, bosses, owners.

And then we blame ourselves. We always hear about our credit card spending and carefree habits despite all indicators of brewing storms. But most of us aren’t that extravagant – we just want to give the kids a life full of the things we didn’t have.

But as summer wanes and the experts forecast another 20 percent devaluation of our homes, we know the holidays are going to be tight and the heating bills are going to be plentiful.

The desperation we feel, the fear of things happening to us that have happened to those around us – the absolute liquidation of the human spirit and will — make it clear to me that anyone using the term “recovery” should be arrested for blatant lying.

There will only be recovery when people begin to believe in our country again, and that sure seems to be a bit unlikely at the moment.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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One comment on “There’s All Kind Of Hurt

  1. David Lewis on said:

    My heart was touched to the core with your story and brought tears to my eyes. We do need to be more sensitive to the needs around us and do all we can to help. I agree the real answer is belief in our country but most importantly in our God.

    Our camper scholarship requests have dramatically increased in the last 3 years. We believe no child should not be able to come to camp just because of financial reasons, but raising funds is becoming increasingly difficult.

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