The Recognition Factor

3. Create a symbolic achievement award for each week. A program flag given to the best counselor at the end of each week, for example.

4. Have a continual staff vote for outstanding workers, with a reward at the end of the week.

5. Warm fuzzy board. A place where compliments are posted for all staff.

6. Praise Newsletter. List and handout all thank-you notes and warm fuzzy comments to staff at the end of each week.

7. Write a hand written thank-you note to each member of the staff.

8. Place a symbol on a counselor’s cabin for doing a great job, and stars on the door as a reward for a great job.

9. Share positive parent evaluations with staff.

10. Simply try and tell people, “Nice job.”

Good luck!

Jeff Merhige is the executive director of YMCA Camp Kern, Dayton YMCA, Dayton, Ohio.

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