The Power of the Postcard

If you decide to offer an extensive program of prizes, refreshments, and have a lot of camp staff to run the activities, you could charge a nominal fee to cover costs.

Also, offering this event during a Thursday night of school vacation week is a great idea. It could be especially good timing during February vacation, where kids have probably been inside for a lot of the week and parents are looking for some end-of-vacation relief. To make it real easy, you could also offer parents a chance to go to the movies at a “quiet” camp location.

Having parents and campers come back to camp for a night of fun positions your camp product in their minds as their place to return to.

If your summer camp staff can take part in the event, they can renew their relationship with you, the kids, and other staff members that they became friends with last summer. This event can also give parents a chance to get to know the staff members better. It really can be a night to showcase the value you offer to the parents and kids who are veterans and to attract new campers.

These are just five promotion strategies that can help the camp business owner connect with people during the off-season. The idea of connecting with parents, campers, staff members, and people who have never experienced what you have to offer, sends a powerful message that you are invested in them. The ripple effect from this message can yield great dividends for many years to come.

Dr. Susan Langlois has more than 20 years of experience as a college professor, athletic administrator, camp director and sport facilities consultant. She is currently the Dean of Sports Science at Endicott College.

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