The Power Of Partnerships

Larry Walder, owner of Alladin Auto Body and a Campmates sponsor, supported the partnership from the beginning. “I believe that kids who can’t afford camp need a chance, but I also wanted to do this for the community since I do business in the community,” Walder notes. As intended, the program has greatly benefited local


children. “It was a blessing that this came through for my son,” one parent said about her child’s scholarship. “Through the generosity of the community, I was able to bring him here and let him have this wonderful experience. It’s just a gift, considering how tough it’s been the last few months in our house.”

It’s Your Turn

The program is only one example of how a community can thrive through resourceful collaboration. When developing a partnership program, here are several tips:

  • Ensure all parties share the same values.
  • Identify each party’s unique strengths and resources, and do research on needs in the community.
  • Create varying levels of participation to generate the largest reach.
  • Support your own customers … many are business owners themselves.

The positive outcomes achieved through partnerships are exponential. It is important to note though that this program is in its infancy, and will continue to evolve based on the community’s needs and annual re-evaluations. Furthermore, the case of RollingRiver is just one example of how to foster partnerships. Through individual research, this model can be successfully adapted for every community across the country. Whether expanding a brand’s reach or sending a deserving child to camp, it’s clear that partnerships can serve as the backbone for creating strong and vibrant societies.

A special thanks to The Campmates Program sponsors: Alladin Auto Body, Green Art Plumbing Supply, While They’re Little,, Z Best Maintenance, NEFCU, SVS Fine Jewelry, and Jessica and Zachary Kerr. These sponsors were honored at PeninsulaCounselingCenter’s 2010 major fundraiser for their support of local children.

Marissa Goodman is the Business Development Supervisor at Rolling River Day Camp, and is currently attending BaruchCollege for her MBA. After graduating from CornellUniversity in 2006, she held positions on both the client and agency sides of the advertising world, specializing in events, sponsorships, and promotions. For more information on the program, contact Goodman at or 516-593-2267.

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