The Original Social Network

An energetic and friendly group, we collectively lament the loss of clever costumes, conversation and connection with the families. To each other, we’re more than a porch light and a free piece of chocolate.

We’d like to know the families of the fairy and dinosaur and plain-clothed, scowling middle school kid stuffing a mini Kit Kat in his cargo pants pocket, but our two-hour Halloween event is over in a few minutes and the patrol officers will be gone soon.

Best go inside to settle the dog before the delinquent teens begin lighting their filched fireworks and screeching tires in celebration of a holiday once meant to network communities together, not keep them apart.

Man, do I ever miss Halloween.

Beth Morrow is a freelance author, educator and member of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association’s Youth Committee and Camp Leadership teams. She has served for 18 years as Senior Week program director for Camp Hamwi, a residential, age-based, week-long residential camp for diabetic youth. Reach her via e-mail at:

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