The One Secret to Smashing Stress You Haven’t Tried

There are times when tasks can’t be changed, and no amount of talking or taking notes helps. In those cases, the best way to lower worry is to change the endless loop in your mind through action. Small, mindful steps work better than spending large chunks of time on the work–each completed action is a successful step in itself and builds momentum in the process. Make a list of what needs done and check each task off as you finish to see your progress and quiet the nagging whispers that you’re not doing enough.

When stress threatens to steal your peace, tame it with attention, not neglect. Putting your thoughts and tasks in perspective through words, decisions and choices brings them into reality where you hold the power.

Beth Morrow is a freelancer, educator and program director for Camp Hamwi, a residential summer camp for teenagers with diabetes. She blogs about education at Connect with her on Twitter: @BethFMorrow


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