The Master Plan

There are architectural firms who specialize in master planning. These firms are most valuable when there are many unknowns and the improvements to be made are extensive.

But what outside experts cannot provide is the knowledge from being part of the camp operations. The people who know how the business works are vital to the master planning process and they should give input before decisions are made.

The challenge to systematically develop your camp facilities that can keep pace with your campers and your programming will require vision, creativity, and a careful eye on the synergy of your camp business.

A master plan can be a powerful tool to meet this challenge. There is also an added bonus from master planning: the new energy that you can gain from visualizing future expansion and the satisfaction of determining the destiny of your camp business.

Dr. Langlois has more than 20 years of experience as a college professor, athletic administrator, camp director and sport facilities consultant. Her undergraduate education was at the University of New Hampshire in physical education. She earned her Master’s and doctoral degrees from Springfield College. She is active in several professional organizations including NASSM, AAHPERD, ISCHPER, AAUP, NACWAA.

Sharman Hayward has directed sports camps at every developmental level, and has coached intercollegiate field hockey and lacrosse for ten years. Sharman earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Colby-Sawyer College and has a Master of Science Degree in Athletic Administration from Springfield College. Sharman currently serves as Associate Director of Athletics at Endicott College.

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