The “I Don’t Have Time To Succession Plan” Plan

  • Detail Specific Skills of Each Person

What skills does each person charged with the functioning of this key position bring with them to carry out their work? Do they possess extra skills that help them do a better job at this position than their peers?

5. Profile the Person(s) Most Crucial to The Success of Key Position(s)

Which individual or individuals are most effective and integral to the ongoing success of that position? What is it about their skill set that sets them apart? That is, what do they do beyond the basics that make a difference? At this point, you should have a better idea of which set of skills are most valuable in key positions within your organization. There might even be one or two employees whose combination of skills make them an ideal person for this particular position. This is what you’re seeking—to know what personnel skills are the most important to carrying out the functions of your organization’s key positions.

What you’ve done is more than make a list of people and their skills, you’ve found a viable place to focus your initial succession plan efforts. If this person (or these people) were to leave this key position in your organization, you have a solid idea of the qualifications, skills and knowledge potential candidates need to be successful at that position to limit the amount of disruption to the company as a whole. While it isn’t a complete succession plan, it will give you a valuable place to begin, and often that’s the most difficult part.

Beth Morrow is a freelance writer, blogger and educator who serves as program director at Camp Hamwi, a residential camp for teenagers with diabetes. Visit her at

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