Technology 2.0

Connectivity: Software-based with Web-based online registration.

Third-party compatibilities: Complete compatibility with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and Outlook. Download on-line registrations directly from infosnap via an XML data transfer. Send camper information automatically for use in ecamp’s communication products. Process credit cards directly from CampBrain using the Skipjack payment network.

Upgrade policies: Upgrades are included in the first season and to members of the Annual Maintenance Plan free of charge. Otherwise, they may be purchased as needed.

Support policies: Year-round, dedicated, personal technical support is available to all users. Technical support provided with purchase and Annual Maintenance Plan free of charge. Otherwise, it may be purchased on a time-used basis.

Contact information: CampBrain, 5 Lower Sherbourne St. Suite 206, Toronto, ON M5A 2P3, Canada, (866) 485-8885,,


Products and prices: CampMinder, all-encompassing Web-based management program. Also includes online camper applications, online payments, online inquiries, online staff application, online photos, one-way e-mail, newsletters, online accounts for families, staff and alumni to fill out forms, pay, and update info online. Call for pricing.

Technical requirements: High-speed Internet connection, Mac or PC with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

Connectivity: Web-based.

Upgrade policies: Standard upgrades included with license, upgrades occur transparently to user.

Support policies: Unlimited support.

Contact information: CampMinder, Dan Konigsberg, (212) 475-4045,,


Products and prices: Online Registration and Comprehensive Camp Management Software: $2.50 to $7 per registrant (no software purchase or maintenance fees). Photo & Emailing services: Free to camp plus parent fee split with camp. Credit Card & Debit Card Processing: Single percentage to cover costs (no setup, monthly, or other fees). Online Electronic Check Processing: 1.5% to 2.5% (no transaction or monthly fees). Online Staff Applications: $.15 to $.25 (if using other services). Online Request Information Forms: $.15 or less (if using other services). Online Donation Collection: 1% of donation amount. Online Product Sales (eCommerce): 2% of donation amount. Web Site Development: variable cost plus hosting. Assistance with Publicity: Free recommendations if using other services

Technical requirements: Any computer with an Internet connection. CampRegister provides the hardware that runs the software at its expense.

Connectivity: Web-based and browser-based.

Third-party compatibilities: With CampRegister, your database can be exported to either comma- or tab-delimited format for use with other database software. Your current database can be imported into our software.

Upgrade policies: Because CampRegister’s software is connected to the Internet, upgrades are received weekly at no cost, and without having to download or install.

Support policies: CampRegister provides a dedicated account manager who will be your primary point of contact. There is 24×7 emergency support where CampRegister will get back to any question within an hour.

Contact information: CampRegister, A Division of Thriva, (877) 996-2267 x3,,

Products and prices: Featured Camp Listing — Recommended for camps that are equipped to manage referrals and are interested in targeted Web traffic. Featured Plus Listing — Recommended for camps that are interested in acquiring targeted Web traffic and generating new leads. CampMatch Online Marketing — Using the company’s camper profiling engine, CampMatch creates lists of potential campers that meet a camp’s exact criteria. Marketing campaigns start at $499 per year.

Technical requirements: A computer with a connection to the Internet.

Connectivity: Optimized for Internet Explorer

Support policies: Telephone support available 9-5 EST; Web and email support available 24/7. Free six-minute online tour of, 9-5 EST (call 416.588.6375).

Contact information:, Kyle Waxman, 219 Dufferin Street #200A, Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1, (416) 588-6375, (416) 588-8753 (fax),, (for parents and families), (for camp directors and camp marketers).


Products and prices: On-line photo gallery. Premium plan is $12 per camper per year; basic plan is $6 per camper per year.

Technical requirements: Computer with Internet access and a digital camera.

Connectivity: Web-based.

Third-party compatibilities: Works with any existing Web site.

Support policies: 24/7 technical support toll-free.

Contact information: SIMPLYCAMP, (800) 608-9018,,


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