Sugar Explosion

The participant that is “it” chases other children and tries to tag them before they can say a name of a candy bar. After a candy bar is mentioned, it cannot be used again. Once a participant is tagged, he is out of the game until a new round begins.

Dangling Donuts

Hang several glazed donuts from strings suspended from a broom stick held up by two leaders. Each participant chooses one donut and tries to eat it faster than the other participants.

Chocolate Pudding Drop

Divide children into pairs and have one participant lay on the ground with his mouth open. The other participant stands on a chair and attempts to feed chocolate pudding to his partner by dropping spoonfuls into his mouth. The team that finishes the bowl of pudding with the least amount of mess is the winner.

Spoon Game

Have the children sit in a circle on the ground with place settings in front of them. The person who has been chosen to start the game tells the participant on his left, “This is a spoon,” as he hands the spoon to the second person. The second person questions, “A what?” “A spoon,” restates the first person. Then, the second person repeats the same dialogue to the person on his left and the conversation continues throughout the circle. Meanwhile, the first person brings out a knife and tells the person on his left, “This is a knife.” The process continues with a fork, glass, and plate. The fun of this game is the confusion that occurs when trying to keep the place settings straight.

Eat Crackers And Whistle

Have children determine who can eat three saltine crackers the fastest and whistle a short song afterward.

Cotton Candy Relay

A team of four children tries to keep a clear garbage bag full of balloons floating in the air as they negotiate their way through a course of cones placed in a line formation. The team of children has to weave in and out of the cones. Leaders can create a fun story about the children working in a candy factory and having to carry large bags of cotton candy to the store to be sold. However, the cotton candy cannot touch the ground or it will dissolve. Allow time for discussion with the children after this activity to see how they learned to work together. A fun way to end this activity period is to have camp counselors make cotton candy for the children. Children should be cautioned that this activity is an adult supervised activity and that children without adult supervision should never to play with garbage bags.

Graham Cracker Train

Allow children to design a candy train with graham crackers and extra thick frosting. Use an ice cream sugar cone for the smoke stack and add candy cargo to each boxcar. They can also make train wheels with peppermint candy and a train track with licorice and pretzels.

Jared Knight is the manager of Program and Human Resources at Aspen Grove Family Camp and Conference Center in Provo, Utah. He is the author of two books published by Healthy Learning–101 Creative Programs for Children and 101 Age-Appropriate Camp Activities. Knight can be reached via e-mail at

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