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However, a template can be limiting to one’s design vision. There’s a slew of more advanced website programs, and most require that the user become familiar with the language of the Web, HTML.

The second aspect of website management has to do with the process of changing information, managing the physical file layout, and so on.

The user’s choice for doing so depends some on the Web hosting company they choose as the hosting company determines, for different reasons, what administrative software they allow their customers to use.


At this level, you have really made the commitment to the technology. Your website is now taking orders and reservations for people, checking for availability and making the necessary requests to other hardware and software to complete the transaction.

The largest advantage in a complete solution is the absolute convenience to the client and to the company. After filling out a few blanks on a page, the visiting customer could have a new reservation in place and confirmed, their credit card has been charged, an e-mail confirmation has been sent to the customer and the required people in your organization have been notified as to what need to take place for this new customer.

Additionally, an entry has been made in your reservation system in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

A complete website may cost any number of dollars depending of the level of interactivity and interoperability. The hosting charge, as well, may be higher.

As you can see the complete solution is the most attractive from a customer service and sales perspective. However, it is more important that you have something on your website as opposed to nothing at all.

In short, do something with the Internet. The entry cost is low and the possible rewards are innumerable. Even if it makes it easier for 10 percent of your clientele to purchase from you it is worthwhile.

Never discount the level of convenience people enjoy when they can sit in front of their computer and take care of all their personal business with companies that make it fast and easy to do so.

Sounds very much like the first ingredient in the mix for happy, repeat customers.

David Hahn is a technology consultant and the president of TechAngle Inc., a computer hardware, software, consulting and Internet company based in Aurora, Colorado. He has been in the computer industry since 1987 and on the Internet since 1984. He carries more certifications than he cares to think about and designed his first website in 1994. Self-described as a geek and a bit-head he enjoys anything having to do with technology. He can be reached at

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