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Camps are the most powerful counter-cultural mechanism there is for positive youth development. Founding directors wove military, Native American, pioneer, folk and religious traditions into a unique tapestry. And although the traditions have evolved, the core of what makes camp matchless has not.

Dr. Christopher Thurber

Whether day or resident, high-quality camps provide young people with an experience in community living, away from home, in a beautiful natural setting, with a recreational premise.

No other experience provides those four elements in combination.

In this issue of Camp Business, I have also pulled together a unique tapestry of viewpoints and practices.

• Director Kurt Podeszwa keeps us on our toes by emphasizing the importance of good customer service. Camps are, as the title of this magazine suggests, also businesses.

• Grad students Jay Derick and Michael Griswold help readers connect with Generation Y staff. After all, a camp’s success hinges on the director’s ability to cultivate loyalty.

• Camp consultant Scott Arizala turns traditional discipline upside down by showing us how a focus on the positive core draws the best behavior out of young people.

• Educational entrepreneur Sylvia van Meerten shares more than a decade of hands-on experience communicating with children on the autistic spectrum.

• Leadership director Tom Giggi gives staff the rationale and the practical tools to support their efforts to give parents feedback on their children. Gulp. Yes. It can be done.

• Teacher and mother Shane Lapointe makes it all real by poignantly reminding us of the miraculous outcome of our sweat, tears and sleepless nights.

I am grateful to my colleagues at Camp Business for the opportunity to guest edit this issue. The magazine you are holding in your hands (or viewing on your monitor) is packed with fresh content from forward-thinking authors.

Best of all, these authors are my friends who exude integrity and creativity. For all of us in camping, it’s friends like these who keep us in the business—the business of running camps that generate even more fantastic people.

Have a wonderful summer!

– Chris

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