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A webinar is exactly what it sounds like: a seminar on the Web. You can use it to introduce new CITs to their expanded responsibilities before they show up for the first day; webinars can be used to introduce subjects that will require more in-depth training during the season, like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or other safety issues; it can be used to introduce people to new camp features, such as added recreational facilities.

Producing a webinar is relatively easy. It can be recorded using a digital video recorder, and then up-loaded to the camp Web site. Counselors and staffers can simply go online and watch it whenever they have the time. Access to the webinar password ensures that only your staff will view it, and it also allows you to see who has signed in to watch. Understanding your compliance rates with these types of things will allow you to better track and create webinars in the future.

A little innovation and thinking can go a long way towards creating and keeping a happy, cohesive and solid staff, the type of staff that campers will be happy to return to season after season, and the kind of staff the campers themselves would be glad to become a part of one day.

Tim Diering is the Vice President of Marketing at SumerCamp Design, a full-service marketing and design firm located in Amesbury, Mass. He can be reached at (800) 957-7175 or via e-mail at Tim is also Camp Director for TTS Theater and Art Camp in Massachusetts.

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