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You probably have the long plastic noodles for pool fun. Try using them for a variety of land activities also. The book, 50 Ways to Use Your Noodle by Chris Cavert, gives plenty of fun ways to use noodles while staying dry.

When it comes to crafts, most projects fall into the category of Cute and Adorable. Put a twist on normal craft projects with ideas from the book, Make Something Ugly For A Change. Kids will delight in making some of the grotesque paper mache projects from the book.

Most programs (along with many other community groups) plan special events on holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Stand out from the crowd by planning programs on untraditional holidays such as National Bubble Wrap day or Creative Flavor Ice Cream Day.

Play broom hockey with frozen Twinkies on National Twinkies day. Not only will the media cover your event, but participants will be amazed at your creativity to celebrate wacky holidays.

The book, Every Day A Holiday by Silvana Clark (yes, that’s me!) gives activities and crafts to go along with 320 different holidays. Heck. You’re at camp, so make up your own camp-specific holidays!

Anyone can have kids color a picture or play softball. Creative, well thought out programs do what they can to have participants leaving the programs saying WOW!

Silvana Clark has over 20 years experience helping thousands of children create arts and crafts projects. (She thinks the dried paint under her fingernails might start a new beauty trend.) A frequent speaker at camp and recreation conferences, Silvana is also a spokesperson for S&S Worldwide.

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