Splishing and a Splashing, Squirting and a Spraying

Products and features: Waterplay designs and manufactures a variety of three-dimensional components for indoor and outdoor aquatic environments. Extra-thick and extra-tall components prevent children from grasping and climbing the equipment. Ground level, obstacle-free products allow easy access for all ages, abilities and sizes. Delrin nozzle construction prevents binding of metal parts and guarantees high performance and superior longevity. Low flow nozzles, activators, and electronic controllers utilize technology to minimize water consumption and handle heavily trafficked usage. Components with integrated sound effects that are activated when water flow is blocked are also offered.

Contact information: Waterplay Manufacturing Inc., 1451 b. Ellis St., Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1Y 2A3 (800) 590-5552, (250) 712-3393, (250) 861-4814 (fax), admin@waterplay.com, www.waterplay.com

Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

Products and features: AquaSpray by Whitewater offers a variety of individual water spray activity elements including both wet and dry applications suitable for a wide range of ages. Applications can be combined with other elements and optional theming possibilities are offered.

Contact information: Whitewater West Industries, Ltd., 6700 McMillan Way, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6W 1J7. (604) 273-1068, (604) 273-4518 (fax), whitewater@whitewaterwest.com, www.whitewaterwest.com

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