Spinning Yarns

Basket making is another form of weaving. A variety of plant fibers–pine needles, grasses, and reeds– have been used over the centuries for baskets, based on what was available. Check out the Internet, craft stores, and libraries for directions and kits. Invite a basket maker from the area to visit camp and show campers how people living near you made and used baskets.

This article is not intended to present all the information you need to introduce spinning, natural dyeing, and weaving into your camp program. However, it is intended to stimulate your interest and suggest places to begin.

Whenever we help campers touch and use natural resources, we help them understand more about their connection to the earth and to the people who have gone before them.

Nancy Ferguson is a church-camp professional living on the eastern shore of Virginia near Chincoteague Island. She is the author of nine books and a frequent workshop leader at camp conferences. Her most recent book, S’more Time with God (Judson Press, 2011), is a collection of devotions for camps.

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