Speed Racer

• Make colorful storage boxes. Ask the families of campers to save cancelled stamps from old letters and bills. Trim around the edge of stamps and glue onto a small box. It’s fine to overlap the stamps in a random design. Cover the entire box with a coat of glue to give some shine to the box. You can do the same thing by gluing candy wrappers on a box and giving it as a gift to someone who loves to snack.

• Collect an assortment of plastic soda bottles. Set out old magazines, scissors and glue. Encourage campers to create mosaic faces on the bottles, using cut-out eyes, nose and mouth from the magazines. Add strips of paper for hair to create a charming three dimensional self-portrait. Wait! Here’s the fun part. Add some un-popped popcorn or dried beans inside the bottle. Replace the lid and you now have a noisy three dimensional self portrait!

So the next time craft instructors hear, “I’m done!” they can quickly say “Great! Here’s another project you might want to try!”

Silvana Clark has over 20 years experience helping thousands of children create arts and crafts projects. (She thinks the dried paint under her fingernails might start a new beauty trend.) A frequent speaker at camp and recreation conferences, Silvana is also a spokesperson for S&S Worldwide (www.ssww.com).

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