When campers are given evaluations of their experience at camp, be sure to include the auction item and what they thought of it. It is also helpful to have the special-programs staff member interview 20 percent of the cabins to obtain more detailed feedback.

When gathering “knowledge management” on offerings from staff, note the following

  • Auction prize name
  • The staff member who  officiated
  • The time of day  the event is best suited for
  • A full list of props needed
  • Directions on setting up the event
  • A description in detail of the event
  • The breakdown
  • Areas for improvement.

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Dr. Randall Grayson has more than 20 years in camping, including directing three camps, currently Camp Augusta in Nevada City, Calif. In addition to founding and maintaining several websites and consulting, he has established, where camps and outdoor education centers can obtain information on unusual and powerful programs and activities. For more information, visit



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