Snow Games

Don’t let a little snow put a damper on outdoor fun!

Kids love playing in the snow!

Whether you’re planning after-school, day camp or winter camp activities, there are lots of options for those willing to bundle up and go outside.

There’s always sledding, skating and hiking, but here are some fresh ideas from the folks at Family Fun:


Lightly pack a bunch of basketball-size snowballs and then use them to build a course of hurdles to jump over in a round of follow the leader.


Team up for a slip-sliding variation of tug-of-war. Tamp down a wide, shallow trench in the snow to serve as the midline. Then, take up positions at the ends of a long, thick rope and let the tugging and towing begin. Whichever team pulls the entire opposing group over to its side of the trench wins.


Tie a white cloth to the end of a short stick or around the bowl of a wooden spoon. Then, give each child a chance to hide it by staking it anywhere within a predetermined set of boundaries. Keep track of how long it takes for the rest of the group to find it. Whoever hid the flag that takes the longest time to spot wins the game.


For this pitching contest, first mound up snow to create three bases and a pitcher’s mound. They should each be about 2 feet high and 20 feet apart. Next, build a tin can pyramid on each base. The challenge is to knock down the stacks in order from first to third base by throwing snowballs from the pitcher’s mound. The child who succeeds with the fewest pitches wins.


Once you’ve built a plump, frosty snowman to stand sentry in your front yard, make a game of topping him off in style. Take turns trying to land a hat on his head by throwing it Frisbee style from 10 or so feet away.


Pair up for a contest in which the object is to finish with the biggest snowball. The contest ends when the teams can no longer roll their entries or when you run out of snow.


All you need are two teams of three or more people to play, along with a spray bottle filled with a mix of water and food coloring to mark the playing field (a large rectangle with a centerline should suffice). The teams line up at opposite ends of the field (the North and South poles) for a kickoff. Once someone on the receiving team catches the ball, he tries to move it back across the defense’s goal line by running with it or passing it to a teammate. Play stops if the person with the ball is tagged by an opponent or slides out of bounds. The teams then face off again on the spot. After four tries, or a touchdown, the ball goes to the other team. The game ends when either team gets cold.

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    I have been writing articles on camping throughout the world for an online monthly newspaper for six years now and am always seek info I can impart to all types of campers whereever they may be and what type of camping in which they engage. I was a two year state president of the Indiana Campground Owners’ Association and owned and managed a campground for 32 years. We sold the 85 acres in 2010 but are still trying to get people out of the house and enjoy the camping world. Do I have permission to pass on some of the activities you suggest as long as I give you credit each time I use any of them. I would appreciate it as we’re always looking for new activities. Thanks, John and El McCory, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (summers) and Tampa (winters)

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