Skimming The Surface

During SEA voyages, students conduct research during their dives that focuses mainly on studying the coral reef and environmental foundation. They conduct baseline studies on the reef to share with marine-biology researchers. One activity has the students visiting a turtle sanctuary, where they scrub rehabilitated turtles and release them back into the wild. Project time ranges up to 10 hours per voyage on an Adventure Program to over 20 hours per voyage on a SEA program. Participation in the projects earns students a certificate of appreciation listing his or her accomplishments and hours devoted to the service projects.

Diving As A Primary Focus

During the diving program, students learn several methods of scuba diving:

• Core scuba courses

• Open water

• Advanced open water

• Rescue diving

• Diver master, an instructor course.

Other specialty courses include night diving, deep diving, computer diving, wreck diving, marine-biology diving, fish-ID diving, underwater naturalist and underwater photography. During the three-week course, students complete 30 scuba dives on 15 different islands.

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