Sensational CD Crafts

5. Cut cardboard into a 12″ x 1 1/2″ strip

6. Cover cardboard with green construction paper. This is your stem.

7. Attach paper leaves to stem, if you want.

8. Glue flower head to the stem.

9. After glue dries, stick stem into the flower pot or vase. (Optional: Campers can simply take home their flowers without a vase, as well.)

10. Add sand, dirt or clay to keep the stem standing straight. You’ve made the shiniest flower ever found in a garden!

Here’s an extra tip: Have children bring a picture of themselves from home. Glue the picture in the center of the flower. This scores incredibly high on the “cuteness factor” with mothers!

Silvana Clark is a professional speaker and author of ten books. Silvana presents workshops on how to increase children’s creativity through crafts. She’s also a spokesperson for S&S Worldwide. For questions, or more information, go to

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