Rules Of Play: Jungle Mania Pong

Paddles – it will be best that every player have their own ping pong paddle, however often this is just not possible with 10 to 12 players.  At least five or six paddles are needed for the group to use. With fewer paddles than players, a workable solution is that after a player completes a play, they set their paddle on an assigned chair, TV table, or other designated spot or spots some five feet from the table edge, where the next player can pick up a paddle for their turn in the game.

The greatest joy in Jungle Mania Pong is the flexibility of the gamesmanship, as it is very playable by groups of all ages and even a mixture of ages. The game does not take a highly tuned athlete– rather individuals of all skills may enjoy and do well at the game.

Finally, Jungle Mania Pong most often does not require an investment in much more than ping pong balls.  The rest of the stuff is usually around the camp. Most of us have the surface, often old ping pong tables, and even some old beat-up paddles that will work great. Enjoy!”


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