Rehabilitate Or Replace?

We have all inherited staff at some point in our lives. If you are like me, you find that some you instantly connect with and have an agreed vision for the future of your camp. But with others, it seems like everything that is brought up is an opportunity to disagree. When you find yourself in these situations with staff where you don’t seem to connect, what are the options? I think it comes down to the question of is …


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One comment on “Rehabilitate Or Replace?

  1. Jim Spearin on said:

    Great blog! Thoughtful. I would think a great manager would be both a therapist and a surgeon. You need to look into the personality styles of your people. When change is needed, set the tone, share the vision and allow your people to assist with the steps forward. If they show a tendency to change with you and have excitement for the vision, then all you need to do is help them along when they’re having difficulty. If they are a constant complainer and find fault with ways to move forward, then it’s time to cut them out. I’ve found, however, that most times if the person needs to go, if you focus heavily on the path forward and amp up that pressure, constantly talking about the need for change and highlighting the failures of the past and the ways to succeed in the future, the complainers will leave in very short order because they can’t take being part of the excitement for change.

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