Ready, Set, Slide!

The second-leading cause of injury involves foreign objects—such as rocks or sticks—that have fallen into the slide path. Therefore, before opening the activity, operators must conduct a site analysis to remove any debris that could injure a rider.

Lastly, supervision is a key to maintaining a healthy and positive camper experience. Given the distance of the Slip ‘n Slide, it is essential to have two adult operators—one at the top to start the riders and one at the bottom to signal the OK.

Riders can then enjoy a thrilling, fast-paced, wet ride, free of obstacles.

Want to spice up your summer-camp experience? Take a simple, long-time camp experience called the Slip ‘n Slide, and give it some muscle. Your campers will not forget the fun they just had, and will anticipate all year the fun to be had at next year’s camp.

Are you ready? Get set. Slide!

Rick Braschler is the Director of Risk Management for Kanakuk Kamps, and the Senior Risk Consultant for CircuiTree Solutions, offering specialized risk-consulting in the camping and outdoor-recreation industries. He is the author of “The Child Protection Plan,” a field manual for youth-serving organizations, which includes 122 measureable protection elements, policies, procedures, forms, checklists, and a self-audit. He can be reached at, 417-266-3337, or visit

Byron Joplin is the Field Maintenance Supervisor for Kanakuk Kamps with over 30 years experience in construction and maintenance development and design.  




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