Putting Off Until Tomorrow

The county fair came to town last week, and we always use that event for our families to get together and hang out for an evening. Between corn dogs, birch beer and fair fries, my nephew mentioned being only a semester away from graduating college. He’s a good student, a hard worker — commutes to the local city college — lives at home. “Yeah – I’m going to take a semester off, though,” he said, “and work some extra hours …


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2 comments on “Putting Off Until Tomorrow

  1. Bill Stoldt on said:

    Ron, I believe you have hit the nail on the head! Growing up with an older father (I am 32, he is almost 80) I have learned a lot about the differences of yester-year and today. I was raised in the old ways of how to treat women, how to work hard, how to not accept handouts if I am still able. (And that is only after I have asked for help from family, whom I still love, church, then friends FIRST). Your comment at the end of changing the American dream from a goal to an unearned right is amazingly, sad also, true. Kudos to you, sir, for pointing out this cause to a serious problem so simply. It put an extra jump in my working step today!!

  2. Barb Burkholder on said:

    Very interesting topic to say the least. We have our two adult children (25/son and 27/daughter) at home trying to save money and become established in their careers. Daughter graduated with an Interior Design degree and worked 3 years in an established wood products company. Company went bankrupt, she moved home and it took her 6 months to get another position. Pay isn’t what the first job was and no benefits. She is in training to be a manufacturer’s representative. Economy sucks and it is hard to make a living when no one is buying furniture and fabrics because there is not much new construction in the new building world. Can’t live on her own and pay her car payment and student loans. She hopes to launch soon. Been saving up her money.

    Son graduated with a degree in Communications. Has done temp work for two years. Stayed on after college to help coach a new D1 lacrosse program where he played for 4 years. AD didn’t pay him and he was there 6 months. Coach tried to get AD to pay him. Coach died of prostate cancer. Our son was his guardian angel. The University took advantage of our son and drained our savings account. University led him on and didn’t pay him like the two previous guys and our son completed the season, whereas the other two guys got other jobs and left the coach high and dry, and took the money without completing their assignment. Still mad about that one. Our son has just passed his EMT this week and will go to Firefighter 1 and 2 this fall. He hopes to move out after the first of the year.

    It is a cruel world of uncertainty out there. Rents and utilities are much higher than when we were young. They aren’t making great money coming out of college but expected to make it somehow. I don’t mind helping them launch, because I too moved home off and on throughout college and beyond and I was glad that my parents were willing to help me out when times got tough. I paid for my own college. My kids both are paying a portion of their education. It’s easy to say, “I did it, now you go out and thrive.”

    I do believe that we are much more involved with our kids than my generation’s parents were involved. Everyone had 3 to 5 kids, so by the time we all got to college they were tired! We make our kids help out around the house, buy food and clean their areas of occupancy and beyond, dog sit etc. The upside is we have gotten to know our kids as adults. I will cherish that for the rest of my life. Are we ready to downsize? Yes, as soon as they get launched, and we feel the time is almost here. The wings are beginning to flap and we will be there watching them soar. What a long strange trip it’s been – The Grateful Dead.

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