Programming Ideas

Week 3—Read the chapter on pirating and fishing the Mississippi River. Then we gather a stick for a fishing pole, add a little string and a hook, look under some logs for bait and go fishing in the creek. We usually only catch crayfish, but that is Ok with the campers.

Week 4—Read the chapter about the raft and then proceed to the woods to gather anything wooden that looks like it might become part of a raft. We give the campers twine to construct their raft. Sometimes they float, and sometimes they don’t!

We meet one day a week for four weeks for two-hour sessions. The whole adventure is free, but the kids get the exposure to classic literature and the experience of being Tom Sawyer. Kids are told they will get wet and dirty, so bring extra clothes.

This is already on the schedule for 2014 as the kids “demanded” it again. Some campers have attended all three years and never tire of the adventures.

Linda Rose

Program Director/Seneca County Park District Naturalist

Sandusky County Park District


Parent/Camper Dinner Date

Land o’ Sunshine Camp Cedarbrook hosts parent-child weekends early each fall. These weekends include traditional camp activities such as archery, air riflery, nature, hiking, sports, crafts, and more for campers (dads-daughters and moms-sons) on separate weekends.

During these weekends, campers enjoy a special theme ‘date’: dinner and evening program. 

This year, campers enjoyed a cruise aboard the “Cedarbrook of the Seas” complete with gala evening meal, formal photographs and after-dinner cruise ship games and audience participation story. Unexpected guests (pirates) visited as well to make the evening fun for all. The date ended with songs and a challenging message around the campfire.

Past weekend themes have included a luau, fall festival, 1950s theme, and carnival/county fair. We’re already planning a country-western hoedown for 2014!

Ed Thompson

Land o’ Sunshine Camp Cedarbrook

Summerfield, Fla.


Arts & Crafts

Duct-Tape Crowns

Campers can make ‘crowns’ or ‘hats’ with colored duct tape, 2 or 3 inches wide:

Lay a piece of duct tape down on the table with the sticky side up about a couple inches longer than forehead measurement. Then lay colored straws vertically so they stick up. Lay the same size duct tape over first piece, leaving a “tail” at the end of one of the pieces of tape to secure at back to make a ‘crown.’ Pipe cleaners can be twisted into shapes and lengths and stuck into the straw ends so that they stick up above the crown.

The kids wore these all day and it was an inexpensive, easy craft.

Betty Taylor

Beaver Spring Lake Campground



Camp-Wide Clue Game

We play Broad Meadow Brook Clue. It is a camp-wide game similar to the board game ‘Clue.’ We use counselors in training and other camp staff to be the suspects.

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