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Bubbly Water Slide

We make a ‘water slide’ for the July Fourth weekend … kids love it! The water comes right from the well so it’s freezing cold, but even so, the kids just love it and line up. To add a little bit of fun, we add bubble-bath mix to the water so when the kids reach the base of the water slide, there is a small catchment pool with loads of foamy suds.

Betty Taylor

Beaver Spring Lake Campground


Friday BBQ

Each Friday is a party day at Camp Kent, Kent Park and Recreation’s summer day camp program in Northwestern Connecticut. The program’s eight themed weeks culminate with a noon barbecue. Campers’ families donate watermelon, veggies, chips, juice boxes, homemade cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Campers pay $3 each to offset the cost of the hamburgers and hot dogs, buns, condiments and charcoal for the grill. The camp and lifeguard staff members are an integral part of the fun, manning the grills and helping serve the picnic lunch. The Friday BBQ has become a camp tradition.

Lesly Ferris, Director

Kent Park and Recreation

Kent, Conn.


Hollywood Theme

On the first night of camp, to help create cabin cohesiveness and teamwork, we had a Hollywood Fashion show. Each cabin drew a volunteer counselor’s name and the counselor was assigned as that cabin’s contestant. Each cabin was given a bag of items/clothing, etc. that the contestant MUST wear or use in the show and they were given a piece of paper with the instructions:

  1. Review the items in the bag and ‘dress’ your contestant
  2. Assign your contestant a Hollywood-like name
  3. Using the space below, write a bio for your contestant.

*Note:  remember, your contestant is a Hollywood superstar, so keep that in mind when writing their bio … mention the movies they have been in, info about their personal life as well as their aspirations and how they plan to become a ‘mega’ superstar in Hollywood one day!

After each cabin finished with the prep work, the contestants came on stage and as each one was presented, a camper from each cabin came on stage to present them and read their bio.

This was a wonderful activity that got all the kids involved and the counselors were awesome ‘sports’ in allowing the kids to dress them up!

Jennifer B. Amundsen

Program Director

Camp Smile-A-Mile

Birmingham, Ala.



Jell-O Pit

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