Programming for Tweens

• Use these super-curly ribbons to decorate hair clips or headbands. Girls can even make them in their school colors and attach to their tennis shoes.

Sparkly Candles

Tweens are still at the age when they enjoy making gifts for parents. Here’s a craft that looks “professional,” and the result is one appreciative moms will display year-round. If you use a votive candle, tweens can finish this project in one sitting. If you decide to use larger candles, they may need to break up the process into a couple of craft periods.

Directions are simple.

1. Give each tween a chunky candle. (Dollar stores are great for inexpensive candles.)

2. Use quilters’ pins, (regular straight pins that have a colored “head” at the end) and large sequins.

3. Push the needle through the sequin and then push into the candle. (Use the underside of a spoon to push the pin into the wax and save your fingers!)

4. Tweens can coordinate colors or simply do a random design.

Yes, the media likes to portray tweens as only interested in the latest fashions and chatting on their cell phones. Use your camp programs to provide age-appropriate activities that let these tweens be the goofy, fun-loving kids they really are!

Silvana Clark has over 20 years experience helping thousands of children create arts and crafts projects and presents keynotes and workshops on a variety of recreation-related subjects. Silvana can be reached at (615) 662-7432 or

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