Preparation Points

• Campers that fail to check in at the appropriate time. Roll call will be double-checked, parents will be contact to determine camper location.

• Campers will gather according to their preset groups prior to departure to ensure all campers are accounted for.

• Parents will be called if a camper has not been picked up.

Review of camp objectives -– Each director should outline three to five measurable objectives at the beginning of the season. The objectives should provide employees with direction. Outcomes should be measured so the director can determine if the objective has been met or if works still needs to be done to accomplish this goal.

Summary of camp expectations and code of professionalism –- The last part of the formal meeting can be a listing of camp expectations ranging from dress code to bus duty.

At this point in the discussion, staff members can learn exactly what they will be evaluated on at the end of camp. Directors can also implement and communicate their own monitoring or continuous review of employee behavior throughout the camp.

Step Four: Feedback & Open Discussion

Be sure to allow for some time at the end of your formal presentation for the staff to ask questions or even voice their opinions on the topics discussed.

Creating an environment whereby the staff can openly ask questions and discuss issues provides for a rich and healthy working setting. Remember your job as the director is to foster good working relationships amongst your employees.

Step Five: Staff Shirt!

A great sendoff to any informational meeting is to give out the camp shirt and a binder filled with the camp philosophy and all the policies discussed at the meeting. The camp shirt symbolically connects your seasonal camp team and the binder of information serves as a reference guide.

Staff/Team Building

The importance of ensuring that everyone is on the same page can serve to motivate the staff and create a feeling of teamwork and commonality within the group.

The opening meeting is a terrific forum to present and review the objectives of the camp and mold a positive first impression with your staff. The opening meeting is an opportunity to connect with your valuable human resources.

Dr. Dina Gentile is associate professor of sports management and head soccer coach at Endicott College, Beverly, Mass.

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