Politically Correct Thought Patterns Related To The Spoken Word

This week, the Journal of Animal Ethics declared the word “pet” politically incorrect. That’s right, you shouldn’t call your dog, cat, or gerbil a pet. As it turns out, that term is condescending and non-inclusive. You didn’t know it before, but take heed: Your dog, cat, or gerbil is either “a family member” or “an animal companion.” Moreover, continue the researchers from the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics, the University of Illinois and Penn State University, the words “critter” and …


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2 comments on “Politically Correct Thought Patterns Related To The Spoken Word

  1. David at CAMP TV on said:

    Dr. Thurber,

    How would the folks at the Journal of Animal Ethics (and other similar word watchers) respond to our group “shooting” at camp? That tends to be the most common verb for those of us in the video business. But shooting a group of campers might sound too threatening?

    David Betz

  2. Carolyn Caufman on said:

    I love the way the author points out the absurdity. Ya know, if certain people want to use those terms, they may. And I may use the terms I am used to. And if the local canine and feline take offense, well that is between them and me, and the folks demanding this new language have no business in it. AARRGGHH!!

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