Pass The Torch

Looking to provide a little friendly competition at camp? Teach campers to follow directions while working together to complete each task.

Kids get a different perspective when running the Grand Canyon Relay.

Participants will have so much fun giggling with teammates that they won’t even recognize the life-long skills mixed in with each game!

1. Grand Canyon Relay

Each person walks on a rope while looking through the wrong side of a pair of binoculars. Whenever a participant steps off the rope, he or she must go back to the start. Each team is timed to see how long it takes to complete the task.

2. Beanbag Toss

Participants throw beanbags through holes in a wooden stand for points. The team has five minutes to obtain the highest score.

3. All Tied Up And Nowhere To Go

A rope is tied to the wrists of a participant, with the rope crossing through another person’s rope. Both campers are then connected to each other and attempt to undo the connection without cutting the rope or taking the rope off their wrists.

4. Ball Mover

Two sets of participants use blankets to toss a large ball over an obstacle–a rope, goal post or volleyball net–and back. The team is timed in completing the task.

A team nears the finish line in a game of Ball Mover.

5. Ball Transport Relay

Participants need to lift a large five-foot ball at least two feet off the ground as a team without using their arms or hands, and transport the ball 20 feet to a cone and back to the starting area. Each team is timed.

6. Numbers

Team members hold a large tarp with numbered holes. Players work together to roll a tennis ball into each hole, one at a time, in numerical order. Each team is timed.

7. Soda-Pop Bottle Transport

Using Hula hoops as cones, each team transports a 20-ounce plastic bottle of blue-colored water on a platform with ropes from point A to point B. Each team is timed.

8. Water Dunk Chair

Prior to this activity, a dunking chair needs to be made to which a small bucket of water is attached to a wooden frame that swivels downward when the target is hit with a soft plastic ball. A piece of Plexiglas is attached to the front of the frame to protect the participant sitting in the chair from getting hit by the ball. The player throwing the balls has three chances to hit the target and soak the dunkee.

9. Boardwalk

Participants stand on boards with rope handles and move together to cross the finish line. Each team is timed.

10. Balloon Train

As a team, participants form a single-file line with each member balancing an air-filled balloon in front and in back of them without using their hands and arms. As a unit, the team walks through an obstacle course of cones. They must stay close together in the formation to prevent the balloons from slipping out from between participants. The team is timed on how long it takes to complete the task.

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