Name Bubbles Make Organization Easy

Name Bubbles, the personalized name label manufacturer and e-commerce website, announced the return of their popular School Labels and introduction of Lunch Box Labels in time for the busy back-to-school season.

While families everywhere are enjoying all that summertime has to offer, the team at Name Bubbles is gearing up to make this year’s Back-to-School season a breeze for busy parents.

Name Bubbles press-and-stick labels are durable, waterproof, and make back-to-school worry free; simply place them on everything heading to school: backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear and uniforms, water bottles and art smocks, and rest easy knowing expensive school supplies and gear won’t end up in the lost-and-found bin. Each label is crafted with quality and style that children will love, and a durability that moms can trust.

Name Bubbles School Pack is a perfect mix of labels for school and after school activities. Their School Labels offer an easy press-and-stick application with a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

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