Me a Mentor?

An administrator is capable of opening the doors to unseen possibilities and helps in making things happen.

A mentor is someone who can help you to see the forest when you are stuck among the trees. The purpose of being a mentor must be strictly selfless. It is well known that when you give thinking of others solely and not yourself you too will receive gifts of some sort from your actions.

Mentorship is one way to foster a healthy and friendly environment for both campers and counselor both familiar and new to the camp community.

Making personal connections and giving back to others is a great way to invest in others. Knowing all this it is easy to see that mentorship and camp go hand in hand and make learning more meaningful and memorable.

Jennifer Mathewson has been involved in camp for her whole life in the capacity of camper, counselor, wilderness guide, and leadership team. Jennifer is currently pursuing a masters degree in physical education at Springfield College.

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