Making the Most of Your Web Site

Of course, the better the pictures, the better the response. Hiring a professional photographer can have an incredible impact on the quality of the images on your Web site.

Professional shots can bring many of your camp’s best features to life; if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a great photo, with drama and impact, can be worth millions.


Having a video component on your site can be very impressive, for both parents and kids alike. Video has all the impact of photography, but with the added dimensions of motion and sound, making the images that much more dynamic.

Like photography, a professionally produced video, with strong composition, editing and graphics, will tell your camp’s story better and with more impact than grainy hand-held shots of kids waving in front of their cabin. A good video, like good photos, is a shortcut to reaching your visitor’s excitement meter.

Of course, a video does not always need to be professionally shot. I have seen very exciting videos that were shot entirely by the kids of the camp. The staff simply gave the campers a bunch of digital video cameras, and let them go nuts taping their day. Of course, professionals edited the final product, but the basic content was kid-generated.

The Unspoken Advantage Of Good Content

While the three ideas discussed here are important and valuable for generating excitement and anticipation on your site, there is one unspoken, almost hidden advantage, to having your Web site rich with meaningful content, and it’s called SEO.

SEO, which we alluded to in last month’s article, is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is a high-tech way of saying that your site is viewed well by the search engines online, like Google and Yahoo.

Search engines use secret algorithms to search Web sites and catalog their content, which helps in determining ranking.

When someone goes online and does a search based on a key word, say “camps,” all the sites with content that is relevant to that key word will pop up. Those with the most relevance will be at the top, and those seen as less relevant will be lower. The more relevant the content is on your site, the higher it will be in the rankings.

New Tools For Content

Though it sounds like making and updating content on your site is an awful lot of work, requiring constant contact with your Web site designers, the truth is that it has never been easier to create and update site content. In fact, the latest innovations, known as content management tools, allow you to change content, include photos, add pages, and even upload videos as often as you want, quickly and easily. You can even update your site once a day if you wish. All of this is done right on the camp computer, without having to bother your web master, IT team or design firm. Once it’s in place, you have complete control over the content.

Maximizing your Web site is really rather simple, once you understand the basics. All it takes is a little planning and consistent effort, and your site can become the kind that excites and entices parents and kids alike.

Tim Diering is the Vice President of Marketing at Summer Camp Design, a full-service marketing and design firm located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. He can be reached at (800) 957-7175 or via e-mail at Tim is also Camp Director for TTS Theater and Art Camp in Massachusetts.

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